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I’m sorry if this is an inconvenience for anyone. I hope you will join me at my new place as I continue to learn on my journey of keeping my family healthy and happy.



Many years ago when I first started having babies I used cloth diapers. I was very faithful for the first 2-3 babies but gradually over the next few babies used more disposables. Then with baby #7 we bought a front loading washer and I couldn’t get the diapers clean. For a front loading washer to clean properly it needs to be full. So I just gave up on cloth diapers.

Then while I was pregnant with baby #8 I started to think about using cloth diapers again. The main reason being is that I believe they are so much healthier. I also knew we would need to buy new ones because what I had was pretty much used up. Thankfully a blog I follow, The Humbled Homemaker, was just doing a series on cloth diapers so that gave me a good place to start my research on what I wanted.

I had mostly flat diapers I had to fold and pin myself with a few shaped diapers with velcro tabs a friend gave me. This time I knew I wanted to spend the money on some nice, easy-to-use diapers (read minimum amount of work for me). I also sent an email to Erin from The Humbled Homemaker to get her thoughts on how I could clean the diapers because we still have the front loader. She suggested throwing something in with the diapers like rags. I had thought about that. Since I have two old sheets that I never use I figured they would work.

So I started hitting all the online cloth diaper stores. I finally settled on some all-in-ones that have a pocket. Basically these diapers will fit your baby from 10-35 pounds. They have a pocket that opens with a zipper on the outside. As long as the diaper is only wet you can open the zipper, shake the insert out and reuse the diaper. The thing that sealed the deal for me is that these diapers are made in Canada. So with some money we were given for our baby when he was born we ordered a dozen diapers which came with two inserts each – one large and one medium.

It was so hard to wait. I was excited. This was going to be a whole new experience for me. And when they came! I was in love. Their bright colours are fun to see and, boy, do they work! I still can’t believe how the liner stays dry while the insert is soaking wet. The first night I decided to try them for the night, but if I had to change them in the middle of the night we would be using disposables at night. I’m too sleep deprived to give up more sleep to diaper changing. No leaks at all. Then since we were running low on diapers for my toddler I decided to try him in the Baby Kangas. They fit him as well as they fit my newborn! I will admit to still using disposables at night and in public for my toddler, but my baby goes everywhere sporting his bright, comfy diapers. I will also admit to being less than excited about changing a dirty diaper but the benefits are worth it so I put up with it.

These diapers are almost as easy as disposables for me, and I know they’ve got to be more comfortable for my little ones. There are so many options now that weren’t available even twenty years ago. So if your sitting on the fence on this one, give it some more thought. I’m so happy I decided to go back.

Here’s some good news. I should have posted this earlier but better late than never. The blogger who started me thinking about using cloth diapers again has just written a book covering everything you would ever want to know about using cloth diapers. This week you can get it for $9.99 plus a bunch of freebies and giveaways. So head on over and see what you think about “Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert“.


my baby sporting his new diaper



We are the Schonhaar family, and we enjoy learning about healthy living. We don’t just study though, we strive to practice what we learn. We want to invite you to come along on our journey of healthy living and learn with us. We hope that we can be a blessing to you along the way.

We have eight children so our home is often noisy, messy and full of fun. With eight children we’ve learned that eating healthy is actually cheaper than otherwise. We make most of our food from scratch, do a little gardening and a whole lot of preserving.

We’ve also learned that we cannot get all of our nutritional needs from the food we eat so we supplement with vitamins and minerals believing that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When we are sick we strive to cure the cause not treat the symptom with as natural a means as possible.

So come on in, don’t mind the noise and see if we can help you on your journey to good health.