All Dressed Up

I’m not sure what your favourite accessory is but one of mine is my babies.

I first saw a sling in 1993 when I was still single, and I thought that it did not look comfortable or safe for putting a baby in. Then in 1998 when my first baby was born I started attending La Leche League meetings (a breastfeeding support group). Lots of moms there had slings or other carriers and talked about how much they loved them. I started to do some research (in the days of dial-up) and decided I wouldn’t mind trying one out. So when my daughter was 9 months old I took the plunge and bought an Over the Shoulder Baby Holder. As they say – the rest is history. I now have no idea why I waited so long or what I would do without mine.


a little scared of a cannon that just went off, but feeling safe with Mommy

I used that sling for about three years. Now I was attending a different La Leche League group and hearing about a different brand of slings. This was a Heart 2 Heart sling. I discovered I like this sling better because the pouch has more fabric making it easier to nurse a baby in. I used my new sling until it wore out several babies later. Then I was given another Heart 2 Heart. Sadly I lost that one after just a few months. We bought a Jolly Jumper sling at a resale shop. This is an okay sling – it works – but my favourite of the three is the Heart 2 Heart.


big sister taking a turn

Then I had baby #7. I thought I had motherhood down, but Ethan taught me differently. He cried about everything from the time he was born. Back I went to research what would help since I was logging hours pacing my floors to keep Ethan happy. He was too small to put in the sling comfortably but I needed help to hold him – even a tiny baby gets heavy after a couple of hours. Everyone I talked to started to tell me a wrap would be great with Ethan. Years before I had watched my husband’s brother-in-law put a wrap on so he could hold one of his twins. At the time I thought it looked complicated, but I started to look into this option. When Ethan was four weeks old we bought a wrap similiar to a Moby Wrap. The relief for Ethan and I was almost immediate. He loved snuggling against me. He ended up being fourteen months before I could get him to try a stroller for even a few minutes. With Ethan it’s all about human contact. 🙂


We were so happy to get this sling. What a relief!


That hike was quite the workout for me.

I use the sling and wrap according to the circumstances and what I feel like. I enjoy the ease of slipping the sling on and off quickly so I usually use it in a store, at church, anytime I just need to be able to quickly put the baby in. The wrap I use for long-term holding like walks or working around the house. If I could only have one I would probably choose a sling because I feel like it’s a little more versatile. It’s also a little easier for my older children to use. However, I do love my wrap. I feel like it supports the baby’s weight better making it easier for me to carry the baby for longer periods. Whichever I use I love the way it enables me to give my baby the secure feeling of being held close next to Mommy, but still leaves my hands free to take care of my other children.


very safe feeling for a newborn – listening to Mommy’s heart


still so tiny


growing up too fast and sporting the new camo sling I made for him

Did or do you use some method of baby wearing? What is your favourite?