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Hi everyone!  My name is Eva-Joy (although most of the time I’m known as Eva to my blogging friends) and I’m the oldest of eight siblings.  I posted awhile back about how we preserve our strawberries and my mom said I could properly introduce myself today.

I love classic books, music, musicals (especially Les Miserables and A Tale Of Two Cities) and writing.  A few of my favorite books are Les Miserables (Victor Hugo), Emma (Jane Austen), Glimpses Of Truth (Jack Cavanaugh) and Bleak House (Charles Dickens).  But I really have so many favorites it’s hard to choose.

I’m currently writing a historical/romance novel set in a fictitious country.  I’m hoping to have it published by October 2014 which will mean a lot of work (since I’m only about 10,000 words into right now) but I have an outline, chapter list and a great support group so it’s totally possible.

I probably won’t be posting much on this blog since my own blog takes up a lot of my time.  I’ll still be on here from time to time, but for the most part, my mom will be be blogging here.


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